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With a coastline reminiscent of southern Europe, the northerly city of San Sebastian (in Spanish Donostia) is an exceptional 5 star destination. The scene of Spain’s culinary palette, Michelin starred eateries are found all over, and the atmosphere swings between cool and relaxed in the day to lively and happening come nightfall. Beach hotels on Donostia-San Sebastian’s blissful crescent-shaped bay are ideal no matter what kind of vacation you’re looking to have.

Beach Hotels Donostia-San Sebastian

A multifaceted destination with all the sun, sea, sand and exceptional food you could ask for, beach hotels in Donostia-San Sebastian are the perfect solution to the question of where to stay in northern Spain. Located on the Bay of Biscay close to the French border, San Sebastian’s attractions include cultural outings with its multitude of art galleries and museums, a vibrant party scene and the picturesque Beach of La Concha which is surrounded by the city and mountains beyond.

Beach Hotels in Donostia-San Sebastian: Selected unique hotels on the northern Spanish coast

San Sebastian: Michelin stars and golden beaches

Spain is full of exceptional cities located on the coast, but San Sebastian stands out as one of the most luxurious. Beach hotels in Donostia-San Sebastian are exceptional 5 star accommodations only a short distance from the city’s famous golden beaches and featuring views over the bay and Santa Klara Island. In recent years, San Sebastian has earned a reputation as one of the food capitals of Europe, as the city hosts more than a handful of quality Michelin-starred restaurants that rank among the world’s best eateries. If you’re looking for something a little less lavish and a little more traditional, San Sabastian serves up plenty of traditional Basque cuisine such as Bacalao (salt cod) and Pintxos (Basque tapas). The city’s many different districts are just as exceptional as its coastline. San Sebastian’s old town can be found in Parte Vieja, where trendy bars are housed behind medieval facades which trickle into the 19th century Plaza de la Constitución. The city’s Área Romántic is made up of classic Victorian buildings and is a shopping haven for those looking to splash some cash. The district butts up against the vast Concha Beach and promenade which is the perfect spot to relax with a book as beachgoers pass by. Beach hotels in Donostia-San Sebastian will be close to Concha and the beach at Playa de Ondarreta which is where the city’s wealthier residents can be found enjoying the warm summers. If you’re looking to escape the beach for a morning, San Sebastian is littered with art galleries and museums, the most popular of which are Arteko – for contemporary installations – and the San Sebastian Aquarium which is perfect for kids. Near the aquarium is Monte Urgull which provides sweeping views over the city and ocean from the summit.

Discover the Basque Country

The Basque Country is littered with exceptional sites and destinations to explore alongside your beach break with a hotel in Donostia-San Sebastian. The region’s de facto capital Bilbao is a center of art thanks to the enormous titanium structure that is the Museo Guggenheim. Located right on the river, the Frank Gehry-designed building helped revitalize the city and now hosts some of the most talked-about works of the 20th century. If that wasn’t enough, the Guggenheim is located near the Museum of Fine Arts Bilbao which features classic works by Picasso and Goya. There’s plenty more to explore along the Basque coast than just what’s accessible from your Donostia-San Sebastian beach hotel, and one of the most beguiling destinations are the steps to the Gaztelugatxe hermitage. 237 steps lead to a small island out in the Bay of Biscay, which was recently popularized by the television show ‘Game of Thrones.’ Adventurous types looking to catch a few waves on their beach vacation can find some of Europe’s leading surf spots in Mundaka, while wine aficionados should head to the old city of Laguardia and indulge in the wines and vineyards that call this part of Spain home.