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The Atlantic islands of Madeira are an excellent choice for luxury travellers seeking an alternative to the more obvious choices on the European mainland. With a number of gorgeous natural and historical sights and top activities for discerning travellers, it remains a favourite destination for 5 star trips.

5 Star Hotels Madeira

5 star hotels in Madeira give travellers the opportunity to experience the very best of this energetic and gorgeous Portuguese island. With buzzing towns and breathtaking scenery, Madeira is an excellent choice for luxury holidays.

Having fun in Funchal

Funchal is Madeira’s capital and naturally where you’ll find many of the island’s best 5 star hotels. A pretty port town in the south of the island, there’s an impressive range of activities to discover here. The locals are especially proud of their public botanical gardens including Jardins do Palheiro and the Madeira Botanical Gardens. There’s also the Palheiro Golf Course, a favourite for luxury travellers.

Visiting historical Santa Cruz

In the south-east of Madeira is the region of Santa Cruz. It’s a great destination for beach trips, quieter than Funchal and particularly good for families or couples seeking a more tranquil break. Its iconic Martiz Church dates from the 16th century, and the architecture of the houses, hotels and public buildings are typical of traditional Portuguese construction styles.

The small island of Porto Santo

Part of the Madeira Archipelago, this secondary island a short distance from the main Madeira landmass is great for day trips. It also features an exclusive golf course, and the hilly landscapes make for excellent hiking and photo opportunities. The island’s capital of Vila Baleira has the distinction of once being the home of Christopher Columbus. Porto Santo remains a truly distinct luxury destination for excursions when visiting Madeira.

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