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5 Star Hotels Japan

If you want to enjoy pure luxury on your holiday, you should go to the 5 star hotels. Japan has several such hotels to choose from in the big city metropolis of Tokyo, where every guest can feel at home. In the 5-star hotels you will find very exclusive and luxurious furnishings with noble, high-quality and elegant materials in the design, architecture and the whole ambience. One experiences a spaciousness and a wide range of services in the 5 star hotels. Apart from this luxury, Japan also offers many beautiful sights, such as Himeji-jo Castle or the Peace Monument in Hiroshima. The Buddhist sanctuaries of Horyu-ji in the city of Ikaruga or the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are also very worth seeing. For nature lovers there is also much to see in the cedar forest of Ikushima.

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