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Brussels offers experiences that will remain etched in visitors’ hearts for a long time. On one trip you can walk through streets lined with art nouveau homes, visit the Atomium, shop at the fashionable Avenue Louise, and take in the urban landscape while enjoying waffles or local beer. Completing the entire experience is a stay at any of the welcoming 5 star hotels in Brussels, where there is every amenity and indulgence available to make travellers forget everything routine.

5 Star Hotels Brussels

Brussels, which is increasingly becoming popular with travellers to Belgium, effortlessly merges historic UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Grand Palace, interesting museums such as the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, music venues, parks, and numerous nightlife options.

Our selection of 5 Star Hotels in Brussels

City centre: Medieval attractions

Brussels’s city centre is where its most popular landmark, the Grand Palace, is located. Built in the 12th century, it continues to be a thriving marketplace today. The square is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tiny, yet famous statue of Manneken Pis is another attraction in the city centre. The bronze statue of a small boy urinating attracts throngs of curious visitors every year and has several stories regarding its origin. For festivals and events, the statue is dressed up in various costumes throughout the year.

Woluwe: Architectural delights

Although primarily a residential area of Brussels, Woluwe is a much-loved district for architecture and design lovers. There are several architectural styles on display here, with the most famous being art nouveau houses designed by Victor Horta, a renowned architect. The many parks and open green spaces add to the charm of this cosmopolitan area, and the presence of commercial centres make it excellent for a day of leisurely exploration. A stay at one of the 5 star hotels in Brussels near Woluwe is convenient and luxurious.

The upper town: Brussels’s seat of power

Designed in the neoclassical style of architecture, the upper town area competes with the centre of Brussels for visitor attention with its varied attractions. The Royal Park, Law Courts building, Belgian Parliament, and Royal Palace are some magnificent historic structures to explore here. Other landmarks in this region include the stunning Brussels Cathedral that features a Gothic design. Those who wish to pick up souvenirs will find plenty of choices in antiques and more at the Grand Sablon area.

Plenty of food and culture

For travellers on a family holiday, places like the Belgian Chocolate Village Museum, Bois de la Cambre Park, and Mini-Europe make excellent choices. Moreover, local delicacies like waffles, chocolate, and Belgian fries delight children and adults alike. There are a wide variety of beers to taste too, including non-alcoholic ones for kids. Brussels is a paradise for art, architecture, and history lovers. While art deco structures dot the landscape, there are more than 80 museums and fascinating structures like the Atomium to explore. Art loving travellers will find more than enough galleries to visit on a Brussels holiday. In keeping with this stylish theme, 5 star hotels in Brussels are designed to appeal to the luxury-loving, tasteful traveller.

Other Hotel Types in Brussels

Brussels: Favorite Areas