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The USA is a place rich and diverse in culture, cuisine, city- and landscapes, as well as its offering of 4 star hotels across the country. Head to the East Coast for a unique New England flair in Boston or the big city of big cities New York, New York. Check out Florida and the South for a stay in a 4 star hotel that’s sure to wonderfully compliment your romantic, beach, business, or family holiday. From trendy San Francisco to super cool Los Angeles, the sunny West Coast is not to be missed on a trip to the Land of Opportunity.

4 Star Hotels USA

The US is visited by millions each year — many of these eager travelers head straight for a 4 star hotel. Whether in the metropolis of metropolises New York City, on the sandy beaches of Miami, or on the sunny West Coast, American 4 star hotels offer super service, comfortable rooms, and modern hotel facilities. Customer service is also always a top priority in the Land of Opportunity — expect a particularly warm welcome wherever you’re checking in.

Where to stay at a 4 star hotel in the USA? Top destinations at a glance

West Coast: California dreaming

The American West Coast is where the American Dream was born and lives on today. A 4 star hotel in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego is the way to stay if you’re looking for the perfect balance between uninterrupted class and a cost-friendly option that’ll leave you with enough change to experience all the best this wonderful coastline has to offer. In always sunny LA, a 4 star hotel will have you chilling California style next to a rooftop pool, amid trendy interior design, and with a beautiful view of the iconic city skyline or the mighty ocean. While in Los Angeles, make time for all the world-famous sightseeing like of the Hollywood Sign, the Getty Center, Griffith Park and Observatory, and of course the beautiful beach, especially at Santa Monica Pier. South down the coast is San Diego, known for its laidback energy, amazing beaches, and absolutely sprawling San Diego Zoo. For a super tranquil beach holiday, do like the Americans do and make it a road trip — drive from the top of California, or even Oregon or Washington, down the coastline stopping at a 4 star hotels on the beach or in magical inland settings like on Lake Tahoe. San Francisco promises a romantic charm and an über-contemporary kind of luxury unique to the tech capital of the world.

Florida & The South: Authentic USA

Florida and the American South are great places to feel the true spirit of the US. Here the portions are large, the locals are friendly, and the landscapes are out of this world. A 4 star hotel in Florida promises beachy luxury as you’ve always dreamed it. Expect prime locations from Palm Beach to downtown Miami to the paradisical Florida Keys, top-of-the-line service and amenities, private balconies and/or massive pool complexes, and all for a 4 star price. Miami is worth a visit for lovers of cool beach cities with a totally unique, all American vibe — best experienced in fancy steak houses, happening beach bars, or at your 4 star hotel right on the iconic Miami Beach. The Florida Keys are a truly magical destination. Located 120 miles off the tip of Florida, this string of islands is connected by a highway and each of the islands offer a wide range of things to do and sights to see — whether Hemingway’s residence on Key West or the amazing bar scene in the Lower Keys. Elsewhere in the South are an array of exciting cities including New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonia, all completely different hubs of American culture, cuisine, and happenings. Head to Texas for a taste of all that is over-the-top and for a lot of fun in the heat. Spending ample time eating barbecue, listening to country, jazz, and other types of live music, and getting a taste of old America.

East Coast: Class & fun in the Big Apple

The East Coast is diverse in its terrain, particular cultural highlights, and wonderful cities — the biggest and most famous, of course, being New York City. A 4 star hotel in New York City is a great way to stay if you’re looking to strike the perfect balance between true Manhattan class and a more reasonable bill upon checkout. These establishments have secured some of New York’s best locations, whether in Soho, Times Square, the Garment District, or the Financial District. A perfect way to stay also for a business trip, enjoy your 4 star hotel’s lavish conference halls and super comfortable rooms fit for unwinding after a day of making deals. In New York City, there are myriad of possibilities for sightseeing, fine dining, cocktail drinking among celebrities and New York’s elite, and exploring the bustling avenues and quiet corners of this special place. Elsewhere on the East Coast is the lovely and stately Boston. The capital of Massachusetts is home to the beautiful Boston Public Garden, the iconic Fenway Park — home of the Red Sox, and a whole lot of New England history best experienced at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum or the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library.

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Getting there & getting around: There is an international airport or a few in every state in the US, making it quite easy to get to the part of the country in which you’d like to stay. What’s different in the US though is that public transportation is not widely available outside of New York City and Chicago — many or most visitors to the States thus opt to rent a car, partly to fulfil the romantic American road trip dream and partly for sake of convenience. You will find car rental services at every airport and everywhere else. You can drive in the USA with a UK license.

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