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Luxury hotels in Wales mirror the beautiful surroundings in which they are located. Respect for the arts and culture is apparent thanks to the careful design of Cardiff luxury hotels. Spectacular nature is echoed in Pembrokeshire’s hotel facilities. Cardiff is the place to take in the music and culture of a thriving capital city, and coastal Wales is great for unwinding thanks to its natural beauty. Wales is ideal for couples and families who like active holidays, sightseeing or walking in nature.

Luxury Hotels Wales

Wales has plenty of luxury hotels to choose from, whether you’re interested in visiting the country’s capital city, a rural retreat or a seaside hideaway. Wherever the location, some of the features shared by luxury hotels in Wales are thoughtfully prepared menus with emphasis on fresh, local produce, tastefully decorated rooms and indulgent spa facilities.

Soak up the culture in Cardiff

As the capital city of Wales, Cardiff has an abundance of cultural attractions. For music lovers St David’s Hall is located centrally and is close to shops, hotels and restaurants. St David’s Hall is at the heart of the Welsh classical music scene, playing host to nationally and internationally recognised orchestras regularly.

Spas and relaxation in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a relaxing retreat for anyone who needs a break from the bustle of the city. Calming waves roll against the shore, and kilometres of flat sandy beaches cry out to be wandered on. The seaside towns of Saundersfoot and Tenby are a great place to take in some fresh air with a walk along the clifftops; cares slip away as the fishing boats bob in the harbour below.

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