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From beautiful nature and historical sights to luxurious marinas – Malta has it all. The landscape of the archipelago captivates with blue lagoons and bays. On land, however, you will find a beautiful combination of tradition and modernity. In cities like Valletta and Sliema you can enjoy Maltese delicacies and discover luxurious boutiques. The exclusivity of the island is also reflected in Malta’s luxury hotels. Here you will stay in superbly appointed suites and be pampered with impeccable service.

Luxury Hotels Malta

The archipelago of Malta between Sicily & the coast of North Africa has an excellent island climate and a year-round shining sun – excellent conditions for a relaxing luxury holiday. The combination of the numerous sights, historical monuments, luxurious yachts and modern nightlife provides a lot of variety in your holiday. Whether it is a walk through the old town in Valetta, a shopping tour in Sliema or a dive into the turquoise sea in St. Julians – every luxury seeker will be happy here on Malta.

Where to stay in luxury hotels on Malta? The most important places at a glance:

Valetta: luxury meets history

A true capital of culture and therefore the smallest in the world is Valletta. Many sights and impressive buildings provide an idyllic ambience. An excursion to the imposing city gate at the Triton Fountain or to experience the splendour of the Grand Master’s Palace are just the beginning. Besides the historical aspects, Valetta has ideal conditions for shopping tours or culinary restaurant visits. Between the winding alleys of the old town you will find chic boutiques, cafés and restaurants. Enjoy the sun in the blooming parks and public gardens. Afterwards you walk along the Grand Harbour and admire the chic yachts.

Sliema: Pulsating lifestyle & romance

Pulsating nightlife, numerous shopping opportunities and great restaurants – this is what best describes the town of Sliema at first sight. The kilometre-long beach promenade invites you to take a walk. In the evening you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere on the waterfront from the restaurants’ terraces. The Independence Garden is also located right at the coast. Beside the upscale lifestyle of Sliema you will discover a number of traditional townhouses, which together with the luxurious villas create a very special symbiosis. The dreamlike luxury hotels, which shine both with their ambience and their service, are harmoniously arranged.

St. Julians: Paradise swimming in picturesque bays

The small coastal town, called "San Giljan" by the locals, is characterized by picturesque bays and places to go out. Close to Ballutta Bay is the magnificent Carmelite Parish Church, a Roman Catholic church which is definitely worth a visit. The swimming pool, which is right at sea, is used for various water sports tournaments and one or the other exciting game is presented there for spectators. St. George’s Bay, on the other hand, is a magnet for all those who cannot miss a beach holiday on Malta. Boat traffic is prohibited here and allows undisturbed swimming in the turquoise sea. For even more luxury on holiday, you must visit the Portomaso Marina, a marina of multimillionaires. Here, exclusive restaurants, shops and yachts along the promenade seduce you to dream.

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