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Hotels in Hong Kong

"At the very south of China is the Special Administrative Region and vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. The exciting city consists of many islands, impresses with gigantic skyscrapers and even invites you to bathe and relax on smaller beaches along the South China Sea. The foundation stone for an unforgettable holiday is laid by guests with the perfect hotel in Hong Kong. Among the offers you will find many modern accommodations right in the heart of the vibrant city centre. An alternative are the luxurious resorts, which are mostly located on the islands and promise peace, quiet and relaxation.

Activities and excursions around Hong Kong

One of Hong Kong's best-known attractions is Disneyland, which invites you to spend unforgettable and varied days all year round. The gigantic theme park consists of a total of seven different theme areas, where visitors can look forward to several rides, shows and many other highlights. The Ocean Park Hong Kong also promises spectacular entertainment in the heart of the cosmopolitan city. Those who prefer to take it a little quieter can explore the many smaller islands in the south by boat, with the largely unspoilt Zhuwantou Island in particular being worth a trip. In the south of the main island is Repulse Bay, which is famous for its miles of beach of finest white sand. Here, the conditions are ideal for swimming almost all year round, while the clear water also offers good conditions for divers. The island of Cheung Chau, on the other hand, which can be reached quickly by ferry from Hong Kong, is considered a paradise for windsurfers - but hikers also get their money's worth here. For longer stays in Hong Kong you can do day trips across the Chinese border to the metropolis of Guangzhou or to Macau in the west, which once stood under the Portuguese flag. Today Macau is world famous for its exciting nightlife and numerous casinos.

Interesting sights in the Asian metropolis

The landmark of Hong Kong is the 552m high Victoria Peak on the main island. You can reach the peak either after a long hike or quite comfortably by a historical cable car, which has a special charm. Once at the top, visitors enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over Hong Kong and Kowloon, and on a clear day even the Chinese city of Shenzen can be seen. Another highlight in Hong Kong is Victoria Harbour, which is spectacularly staged with nightly light shows. West of Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island is considered one of the main attractions in the Special Administrative Region. There, visitors will not only find a largely untouched flora and fauna with picturesque hiking trails, but also the famous Buddha statue Tian Tan. The gigantic bronze Buddha can be reached after 260 steps. There is also a museum nearby, where you can learn more about the religion itself and the construction of the statue. The coast off Lantau Island is also home to dolphins, which can be observed in their natural environment on guided tours. If you would like to get a bird's eye view of the whole island, you can do so with the cable car Ngong Ping 360. It is 25 minutes in total, so you can see all sides of the island.

Culinary highlights from Hong Kong and China

In Hong Kong, traditional Chinese dishes meet the many international influences that have been present in the former British overseas territory for centuries. Some of the absolute delicacies here include double-fried pork and Hainan chicken, which is served in a ginger marinade and together with rice. In many restaurants, but also in the hotels in Hong Kong, hot pot is often served. This is a fish, meat and vegetable fondue where the guests cook the ingredients in the hot broth directly at their table. Somewhat simpler but just as delicious is the beggar's chicken, where the chicken is prepared in a clay pot. For dessert, the Hong Kong Style egg tart is a great little treat with its sweet egg cream. This dessert was once introduced into the local cuisine from Great Britain. A little more unusual is the nest of a cave swallow, which is also eaten by the locals for dessert. Most meals in Hong Kong are accompanied by unfermented Wulong tea, whose leaves are traditionally re-brewed twice. However, local and international beer is also on the menus of all restaurants, while freshly squeezed juices and chilled soy milk are usually enjoyed here as an ideal refreshment when travelling.

Climatic conditions and ideal travel weather

Due to its proximity to the equator, the weather in Hong Kong is pleasantly mild even in the winter months. At the turn of the year, holidaymakers can still look forward to temperatures of around 20°C. From April and into October, however, they rise above 25°C every day, making the conditions ideal for swimming in the South China Sea or in the pools at the hotel in Hong Kong. From May onwards, the ocean warms up to a pleasant 25°C, making it ideal for snorkeling, diving and many other water sports. For city tours, cultural trips and hiking holidays, the transitional periods and winter are recommended, while in the hot high summer months between June and August, a rainy climate is to be expected. Typhoons, where Hong Kong is affected by extremely heavy rainfall, are possible, especially in September. However, due to the excellent infrastructure, the monsoon-like rainfall does not pose a danger.

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