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Traditional and modern at the same time: Israel. The capital of Israel is shaped by diverse cultures, religious history and unique monuments. Jerusalem is home to architectural masterpieces and historical relics. The pulsating city of Tel Aviv provides a contrast. Artists and beaches go hand in hand with culinary restaurants and bars. Eilat on the Red Sea also offers delicious experiences. Between colourful underwater worlds and untouched nature, a visit to Israel’s chic design hotels is well worthwhile.

Design Hotels Israel

The multi-faceted Israel: Here modern nightlife, religion, nature and animal worlds meet an exotic flair, delicious specialties and countless bazaars. In addition to kosher restaurants and strict religion, there is a swirling nightlife in cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. There are innumerable possibilities for going out, which provide for an urban, Mediterranean feeling, in addition to the many sights and arts with an exciting history to admire. And if you decide on a design hotel in Israel, you will get to know the uniqueness of Israel in even greater detail. The architectural refinements, historical elements and modern arts that can be found there cast a spell over Israel.

Where to stay in design hotels in Israel? The most important regions at a glance:

Tel Aviv: The vibrant city life

In Tel Aviv you experience modern Israel. Numerous possibilities for going out, such as clubs and restaurants, characterize the image of the big city. Artists, painters and gallery owners shape the design of the hotels. A great unique selling point is the variety of possibilities that come together in this destination. The Allenbystreet is very popular. Here, architectural styles are tied together, and small boutiques can be admired. The same goes for Lilienblum Street – inconspicuous by day, but all the more present in late hours with culinary restaurants and bars. The Nachlat Binyamin Market is a colorful spectacle where you can discover the traditions of Israel. Here you can buy paintings, sculptures and above all a great variety of handmade items. The Rothschild Boulevard is a stylish place to be. Luxurious and unique shops line up side by side and promise an incomparable shopping experience. From extensive beach promenades, small alleys full of character in the old town of Jaffa or creative design hotels - you will find it all in Tel Aviv.

Jerusalem: Pilgrimage city & diverse religions

Interesting cultures, religions and traditions in the historic Jerusalem. Important, ancient places, such as the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Via Dolorosa or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are impressive destinations for excursions. In the Old City of Jerusalem is the Wailing Wall, a religious site of Judaism. In its wall carvings you can marvel endlessly at the many notes with wishes & prayers of the believers. The magnificent architecture of the Dome of the Rock with its shining golden dome should not be missed by travellers. It is the oldest monumental sacred building in Islam. For lovers of religion, the Via Dolorosa is a must-see. According to historical belief, it was the road that Jesus took to his place of execution. The site of the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus can be found at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian quarter. The city itself is divided into Armenian, Christian, Muslim and Jewish quarters due to the many cultures. Once you turn into the small alleys, you seem to be in another world. You browse through bazaars and perceive the scent of the Orient. An insider tip: The Night Spectacular, the sound and light show takes place almost every evening at the Davidsturm and enchants the city into an illuminated gem.

Eilat: Culinary highlights & the colourful splendour of the Red Sea

Unique beaches, colorful underwater worlds and impressive natural attractions characterize the southernmost part of Israel. You can call it the year-round summer, because here the daytime temperatures are consistently above 20 degrees. The absolute attraction is the dolphin reef at the Red Sea. Here the trusting mammals live in freedom and can be admired, stroked or even fed. The Coral Reef Beach at the Red Sea is the best diving and snorkeling spot to admire fascinating underwater animals and coral reefs. For all water sports enthusiasts there are enough activities like windsurfing, canoeing or stand-up paddling. Behind the harbour town the untouched nature begins. Valleys, erosion craters and archaeological sites make the Negev desert a popular natural scenery. In the city centre, however, there are numerous restaurants with an excellent culinary offer, as well as clubs, exotic shops and design hotels. A promenade runs along the northern beach and in summer a colourful bazaar is held here. Whether exotic fruits and vegetables, extravagant clothes, unique spices or handmade sculptures and decorations – you will find them here.

Good to know:

Nudity: Avoid nude bathing. Being topless is also not recommended, for reasons of respect.

Climate zones: Those who cannot tolerate hot temperatures should seek travel dates outside summertime. The climate varies a lot within the country and temperatures sometimes rise to the 40’s in the daytime."

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