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A skyline with high-rise complexes and magnificent palaces in the city centre: the interplay of modern architecture and historic buildings in The Hague makes it the same for many boutique hotels: the whole city is adorned with extraordinary styles and chic designs. The beach promenade and the Scheveninger Pier with its Ferris wheel and the observation tower offer a fantastic backdrop.

Boutique Hotels The Hague

The Hague is not only the government capital, but also the pride and joy of Holland No wonder, because the coastal city in the west of the Netherlands is something very special: city life with modern architecture on the one hand and holiday feeling on the coast of Scheveningen on the other. Historic buildings and numerous art museums are a perfect match for the boutique hotels in The Hague and can be found all over the city.

Boutique hotels in The Hague: The most important regions & places at a glance

Downtown The Hague: Shopping & Culture

So many historical buildings and museums between chic shops with international fashion have rarely been seen: The city centre of The Hague does not only shine with great boutique hotels, but also elegantly combines shopping experiences and cultural highlights. Numerous boutiques on Grote Markt Street make the hearts of fashion connoisseurs beat faster. As the seat of government of the Royal Family, the Noordeinde Palace attracts many visitors from all over the world, and the Mauritshuis Museum inspires with its 17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings. The inner courtyard is also particularly worth seeing. The medieval building complex is the heart of Dutch democracy. As the seat of the Dutch government, both the Senate and the Parliament are located here. The centre of the courtyard is the Knights’ Hall, where the speech from the throne is held at the opening of the new parliamentary year.

Scheveningen in The Hague: Miniature Park Madurodam & Scheveninger Pier

The Scheveningen district on the coast of The Hague is easily accessible from all boutique hotels in the city centre and is an absolute must. Formerly a small fishing village, it is now flourishing with life and is considered an attraction in Holland with its colourful variety of activities. Fashionable boutiques and small cafés line the long beach promenade. The sandy beach is divided into different sections: Quieter corners alternate with lively promenades. Especially popular is the pier of Scheveningen. There is always something going on between the numerous souvenir shops and the small food stalls. The Ferris wheel and the observation tower make the pier something special. From both you have a great view over the beach promenade, the sea and over Scheveningen. For art lovers the museum Beelden aan Zee is worth a visit. Founded in 1994, the museum is located right on the coast and displays modern sculptures from after the Second World War. The Miniature Park Madurodam is also located in Scheveningen. More than 300 models show the sights of the Netherlands in miniature format, some of which are even animated.

Architecture in The Hague: Modern Skyline & Historical Buildings

If you choose a boutique hotel, you get exceptional designs and stylish interiors, in short, something very special. In The Hague modern architecture and historic buildings meet. The skyline of The Hague, with its modern high-rise complexes, is a popular postcard motif and at first glance is somewhat reminiscent of the typical skyline pictures of New York. Architecturally valuable, however, are above all the many historical buildings that run through the entire city: Beautiful palaces and buildings in medieval style symbolize a piece of history and are the perfect counterpart in the modern cityscape.

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