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Whether you come for work or pleasure, Strasbourg offers a wide range of cultural and musical events, historical and art museums, shopping opportunities, architectural wonders and strong links to Europe’s political life. Boutique hotels in Strasbourg are just as diverse and caters to the single traveller as well as the family on holiday. You never feel like just another hotel guest. Because of its both French and German roots, the region also offers lots of delicious specialities that you must try on your stay. Just like your boutique hotel, Strasbourg serves the past and the present in a perfect blend for every visitor.

Boutique Hotels Strasbourg

In the north-eastern part of France, lies Strasbourg, a city with a long history dating about 2000 years back. As the capital of the Grand Est region, Strasbourg straddles cultural influences of two nations. The cuisine, customs and traditions of the Strasbourg community are both French and German as the town sits right the border of both countries. Two rivers meet in this town which has served as the official location of the European Parliament since 1949. Looking to explore these and more? Book one of the luxurious boutique hotels in Strasbourg and discover the unique beauty of Strasbourg.

Staying in a Boutique Hotel in Strasbourg? Our favorite things:

Arts and culture

© Hotel Château de l’Ile A boutique hotel in Strasbourg is something out of the ordinary with an intimate atmosphere and meticulously designed rooms for the visitor who prefers a personal touch. Visit one of the city’s many museums after settling in. Each museum depicts a specific theme. Pick what you want to see from arts, mechanics, science, geography, and history. The Ouvre Notre-Dame Museum has a compelling collection of medieval artworks collected in France and other European territories. Here, travellers get to learn about the Christ’s Head, a one-of-a-kind stained-glass art work, and the brilliant crystal-basket paintings by the renowned Sebastian Stoskopf. If you love learning about the Alsatian culture and traditions, then visit the Musee Alsacien. The museum has a broad variety of artefacts depicting the religious, economic and cultural life of Alsatians.

What to eat in Strasbourg

The Tarte flambée also referred to as Flammkuchen, resembles a pizza; it is made from thin bread with toppings of onions, bacon and cream. It’s a quick bite that you can eat outside your boutique hotels in Strasbourg. Another famous delicacy among Alsatians is the Choucroute. This dish combines everyday ingredients like pickled cabbages, salted pork and sausages. It tastes best when served cold and accompanied by a local beer.

Events and festivals in Strasbourg

In March, the Strasbourg Carnival takes place in various Strasbourg streets. The procession consists of performers dressed in unique make-up and costumes. The festival is quite significant to this part of France as it marks the end of winter and the dawn of spring. The Jazz d’Or festival happens in November brings together celebrated jazz artists from France with tight links to Germany. It is an ideal event if you wish to experience jazz music from many different parts of the world.

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