The Best Boutique Hotels in South Africa

Boutique Hotels South Africa

If you prefer to be served individually and personally, you should go to the boutique hotels. South Africa has many boutique hotels in the Western Cape, for example, but also in the Eastern Cape, the Northern Province and also in Gauteng etc.. These are often smaller than other hotels, but much more luxurious and with more personal service, as every guest's wish is catered for. In addition, the hotels are usually decorated according to a certain style or theme, such as the safari theme in South Africa. Besides safaris, one can also visit the Kruger National Park or climb and hike on the mountain peaks in the Olifonts River Valley. For wine lovers there are endless wine regions in the Cape, and for bathing lovers there are numerous beaches on the west coast of the Cape. In the Overberg region you can visit fishing villages.

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