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If you want to discover Spain’s most beautiful landscapes and get to know authentic Spanish culture, Escapio recommends a stay in one of the stunningly restored historic buildings of the Paradores hotels. Paradores hotels were established by the Marquis de la Vega Inclán in 1926 and are an expression for high class, stylish hotels situated in old castles, palaces, fortresses and convents, located in some of the most beautiful places of Spain. From Catalonia and Andalusia and Basque Country to the Canary Islands or Costa del Sol and more. But even though the history of some of the buildings goes back up to the 8th century, you do not have to do without the comfort of today, as excellent service and high quality technology have top priority in these extraordinary Paradores hotels.

Escapio wishes a pleasant and restful stay in the exclusive Paradores hotels of Spain.