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Long Island is the island of the rich and beautiful, the home of many artists, a place with beautiful beaches and a historical witness disguised in the architecture of numerous small towns on the island. The boutique hotels on Long Island are the icing on the cake of an impressive place that has a lot to offer and are perfect for a short trip or a longer stay.

Boutique Hotels Long Island

Long Island is considered to be an absolute artist’s island, because many writers and painters created world-famous works there. If you choose a boutique hotel, you will more than do justice to the creative side of the island and can look forward to inspiration. Long Island scores not only artistically. Dream beaches, a piece of significant and great wine-growing areas are part of the island off the American East Coast. Especially the Hamptons reflect the beauty of the island and are a popular holiday destination for celebrities.

Boutique Hotels on Long Island: The most important regions & places at a glance

The Hamptons on Long Island: Historic Towns & Residence of the Wealthy

©White Fences Water Mill Boutique hotels are an ideal match for Long Island, because the island is individual and very special. The Hamptons in the east of the island are among the most beautiful places on Long Island. Numerous celebrities have also recognized this and make up a large part of the Hamptons with their own luxury properties. Beaches, which offer a breath taking scenery and much peace. Nature shows its most beautiful side and the private yacht is practically right on the doorstep, waiting to take a tour off the east coast of the USA. Besides luxury glamour, the Hamptons are also historically very valuable: Southampton is one of the oldest English settlements of New York and inspires with an architecture from the 19th century. The Southampton Historical Museum tells the history of the place and takes visitors on a journey through time. Also very popular is Sag Harbor. Many people come to this famous port city to enjoy a restaurant or café on the harbour with its numerous boats and to soak up the charming atmosphere of the place.

Artists on Long Island: Artists Colony & Drip Paintings Studio

Artistic inspiration can be found not only in your own hotel, but everywhere on the island. Writers, photographers, painters: Long Island was and is the home of many artists and served as a source of inspiration for them for many years. World-famous works of art have been created on the island: The American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald lived on Long Island from 1922 and published his world famous novel "The Great Gatsby" in 1925. Also the painter Jackson Pollock moved to the island in the 40s. He joined an artists’ colony, which was founded there at that time by many painters as a living and working community. Pollock’s studio is now open to the public and many art lovers are drawn to the painter’s former studio to view his drip painting works. This is a special painting technique which can be traced back to the artist Max Ernst, but which became world-famous through Pollock. Boutique hotels on Long Island are therefore in suitable company and provide a special atmosphere for their guests with individual design and a beautiful style.

Wine Tasting on Long Island: Excellent creations & State-approved wine regions

© White Fences Water Mill Long Island is known for many things: Stars and starlets, artists, historic districts and dream beaches. But for wine lovers the island has a lot in store. State-approved wine-growing areas provide ideal conditions for the production of the best red, white and rosé wines on the island. Wine Tasting of different wineries lure guests from their boutique hotels and invite them on a journey through the different wines of the area. Wine lovers will also learn a lot about the production of the wines and have the opportunity to taste limited creations.

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