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Rovinj is an excellent destination for history and nature lovers alike, and is very well placed for visiting many great spots nearby. Boutique hotels in Rovinj offer travelers a unique way to enjoy all the beauty the region has to offer.

Boutique Hotels Rovinj

Boutique hotels in Rovinj are an excellent way to see a unique side of this fascinating part of Istria, Croatia. With its coastal location and streets brimming with history, visitors will appreciate the particular beauty Rovinj has to offer.

History in Rovinj

Boutique hotels are always an excellent alternative for travelers seeking something different, and the city of Rovinj itself certainly doesn’t disappoint. You can see sights including the Balbi Arch, forming the entrance to the Old Town. The Batana Eco-Museum is excellent for marine enthusiasts, and focuses on the batana boat, which is used locally.

Active vacations in Rovinj

It may be surprising that such a historical town is so full of things to do beyond the museums and monuments. A leisurely walk around the old town or along the shores of the Adriatic is an excellent way to spend the afternoon. Alternatively, a hike up to the Santa Euphemia Cathedral offers magnificent views, and swimming in the sea is also popular. There are a number of rock climbing opportunities to find near town, too.

Exploring beyond Rovinj

Excellently located to the north east of Croatia, you can visit other towns and even countries for the day before heading back to your boutique hotel in Rovinj. Venice is just two hours away by boat, and Rijena, Slovenia is also very close. Brijuni Islands National Park is not far and is a must for nature lovers with its gorgeous blue waters and animal park, giving a rare and intimate glimpse of the local wildlife.

Other Hotel Types in Rovinj

Favorite Boutique Hotels in Rovinj