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Small colourful cottages directly at the harbour, majestic bays, beautiful sand and pebble beaches and a play of colours of the water of blue and turquoise: Capri is one of the most beautiful islands of Italy and is especially popular with stars and starlets. Luxury yachts, chic restaurants with excellent Italian cuisine and sea views as well as exclusive hotels are part of the island off the Amalfi Coast. Those who stay in a boutique hotel choose the ideal temporary home for Capri: beautiful, special and individual.

Boutique Hotels Capri

A small Italian island in the Gulf of Naples, famous for its beauty, its gorgeous beaches and legendary sea caves such as the Blue Grotto. The boutique hotels on the island are unique and special, with style and class. Whoever is on holiday in Capri gets to see Bella Italia from its most beautiful side and on top of that overnight stays are first class Hotels.

Boutique hotels on Capri: The most beautiful regions & places at a glance

The most beautiful beaches in Capri: Spiaggia Marina Grande & Marina Piccola Beach

© Capri Tiberio Palace Put your legs up, switch off from everyday life and just enjoy yourself: if you are on holiday in Capri, you should not miss the great beaches. There are white sandy beaches as well as beautiful pebble beaches, the water is clear and partly turquoise, and the charming bays are beautiful and idyllic. Thus, the beaches on Capri are not only the ideal backdrop for holiday photos, but also the perfect place to feel good. One of the most beautiful beaches is the Marina Piccola Beach in the south of the island. The beach is located in a bay and is a little smaller than the others, but all the more beautiful and cosy. A popular beach is also the Spiaggia Marina Grande. This is not only the biggest beach on Capri but also the same named main place of the island. In the harbour of Marina Grande, there are many holiday makers coming to the island daily. Accordingly, there are many hotels and some of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Marina Grande.

Boat tours on Capri: Marina Piccola, Villa Malaparte & Blue Grotto

Even if it may be difficult to break away from your own boutique hotel, a boat tour is an absolute must during a holiday in Capri. In the morning, at noon, in the evening: the excursions on the water are offered daily and at any time of the day, completely individually and according to interest. From the water, the island exudes a very special charm: you pass the Marina Piccola, the Faraglioni rock formations, the famous Villa Malaparte and beautiful sea caves. The most famous is the Blue Grotto of Capri. It is located in the northwest of the island and is one of the main attractions of Capri. As the access to the cave is a rock hole only about 1,5 meters high, the daylight reflects mainly below sea level. Inside the cave the water shines in a beautiful shade of blue, which explains the name "Blue Grotto" of the cave. Unique pictures and a special experience are guaranteed.

Historical facts about Capri: An island of painters, writers & nobles

© Villa Marina Capri Hotel & Spa Today Capri shines with celebrities from all over the world, exclusive luxury resorts and unique boutique hotels. However, the charming Italian island was already a valued destination for noblemen and artists in the 19th century: Roman emperors had their luxurious holiday residences on Capri and numerous writers and famous painters briefly settled in Capri while passing through to draw ideas and inspiration from the beautiful landscapes. In the 1920s the island was a popular meeting place for the followers of Futurism, an art movement that tried to abolish traditional art and establish a new, modern art. In the 1950s the first luxury holidaymakers came to the island, which had a lasting effect on it and today it is one of the most popular holiday islands of the rich.

The journey to Capri

There’s no airport in Capri. Usually the arrival to Capri is via Naples. From almost all German airports you can get to Naples daily. From the port of Naples ferries and speedboats arrive at the island.

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