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The Best Hotels in Apulia © Le Dune Suite Hotel

The hot climate and pleasant scenery of Puglia region may prove a good background for your Italian vacation. Even though this land possesses some monotonous landscapes, it also features some mountainous territories which add up to the variation of natural zones. A yielding coastline does not demonstrate formidable rocks or stunning views, yet provides a plenty of opportunities for swimming and water sports. Populated areas include the capital city of Bari, a splendid historic city of Lecce, medieval towns of Ostuni, Gallipoli, Taranto and many others, each housing some unique architectural monuments and some excellent tourist establishments – hotels, clubs, shopping centres, restaurants etc.Escapio has selected several premium Puglia hotels scattered around the region so you could comfortably travel from destination to destination, opening up new places and wonders of this region. From Normanno Svevo Castle to San Goivanni Battista Church, Puglia will amaze you with its beauty, unspoiled by time and ready to withstand upcoming millennia.

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