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Beach hotels in Tarifa make you feel like you’re staying at the end of the world. The small town on the Andalusian coast is within touching distance of North Africa, bringing a unique blend of international charm to the area that isn’t found elsewhere. Here is where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, bringing big winds and large tides which attract surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. Tarifa’s Spanish-influenced architecture and sun-drenched beaches make this an exclusive destination for a five-star beach hotel on the Andalusian coast.

Beach Hotels Tarifa

While the Andalusian coast conjures images bombastic coastal cities, the Costa del Sol and authentically Spanish allure, beach hotels in Tarifa offer a location that’s a little more special. Wide sandy beaches along this southern tip of Spain are where the Atlantic and Mediterranean meet, bringing with it strong winds attracting all kinds of watersport enthusiasts. Two hours away by ferry is the Moroccan city of Tangier which could turn your vacation into a cross-country affair. Beach hotels in Tarifa are the perfect way to explore the natural beauty and stunning sites of southern-most tip of continental Europe.

Beach Hotels in Tarifa: Book a Hotel Where Oceans Collide

Tarifa: Wild Coasts where Europe and Africa Find Harmony

With a unique blend of North African and Spanish influence, the seaside town of Tarifa has a lot to offer visitors to the southern-most point of the Andalusian coast. Not only do beach hotels in Tarifa provide access to the stunning Playa de Los Lances, but are a stone’s throw from further beauty spots in Valdevaqueros and Bolonia. The town of Tarifa itself has a laid-back surfer vibe that you won’t catch elsewhere in Spain, and the white-washed walls and Andalusian squares of the old quarter house lots of opportunities for alfresco dining and drinks in the dying sun. Adventurous visitors staying with a beach hotel in Tarifa will love the hiking the natural wonders of the nearby Estrecho Natural Park. Overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, lucky travelers may be able to spot dolphins, orcas and sperm whales from the shore. If it’s unspoiled beaches you’re searching for, travel a few kilometers up the coast to Playa de Valdevaqueros. The beach is a haven for kitesurfers as the village looks out onto the turbulent Atlantic. Spend a day sprawled out in this wide and sandy stretch of beach. Slightly further north on the Costa de la Luz is another Spanish gem, Bolonia, which charms with a traditional atmosphere and undeveloped coastline. The best way to enjoy a beach hotel in Tarifa is to try some local tapas, rent a surf board and take to the waves.

Tangier: Welcome to North Africa

Beach hotels in Tarifa are located on the southern-most tip of continental Europe, meaning that North Africa is as close to base as you can get. The Moroccan city of Tangier serves as an excellent stop on any tour of the Strait of Gibraltar. A former hotbed of illicit activity, Tangier’s position as an international port gave it a colorful reputation during the 1920s. Today the city has had a total turnaround. Tangier’s shiny new port serves as the crown jewel of the city’s new lease on life, and it’s where you’ll begin your trip of you come over from Tarifa. Beach hotels in Tangier will not disappoint either, and the city’s coastline is littered with sandy to lay out a towel. If it’s old Tangier you want to see, begin your exploration with the colonial architecture of Eclectic Avenue. While much of Tangier’s seedy past no longer exists, remnants of a bygone time live on, and you can still visit the bars and hotels once frequented by beat poets Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs among other artists who frequented the area. Today the city is far more traditional, and its streets pulse with cool cafes, shisha bars and Moroccan street food such as spicy sardines and Bessara – a fava bean soup.

Algeciras & Gibraltar

Back in Europe, beach hotels in Tarifa put you within driving distance of the Bay of Gibraltar and the city of Algeciras. Due to its strategic location, Algeciras has had a long and turbulent maritime history stretching all the way back to the ancients. For music fans, the city has another attraction. Algeciras was the birthplace of Spanish guitar player Paco de Lucía and fans of his work can take a self-guided tour which will take you to all the monuments and landmarks associated with the musician. When you stay with a luxury beach hotel in Tarifa, the United Kingdom is also on your doorstep! That’s because Gibraltar belongs to the UK. Home to the famous Rock of Gibraltar, the peninsular is as British as it gets; with red phone boxes, classic pubs and fish & chip shops and afternoon tea. The dramatic landform at the peak of Gibraltar is a Nature Reserve that’s home to a Moorish Castle, subterranean cave and sweeping views over the Strait. It makes an interesting break from the Andalusian coast, and is an easy journey from your beach hotel in Tarifa.