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Manchester is a hotbed of art, music, education, history and design. Many art exhibitions are organised here every year. Visitors get to marvel at outstanding pieces of art and shop around for souvenirs and gifts. It is the perfect place for luxury lovers looking for new adventures. Guest can get a taste of old Britain and enjoy the luxury of Manchester’s 5 star hotels on a holiday in this unique part of England.

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5 Star Hotels Manchester

Manchester is an old industrial metropole in New Hampshire of North West England. It is a historical and cultural gem to visit, and Manchester 5 star hotels are a perfect place to experience the rich heritage and culture of England’s second largest city.

Art, music, and gallery in Castlefield

Manchester is a hub for media and art. There are numerous art centres and museums which are a major attraction. Castlefield area is referred to as an urban heritage park. Here, art lovers can explore works of art exhibited at the Castle field art and gallery. The Art Walk is an exciting way of attending various exhibitions and shopping for unique works of art.

English history and architecure

Whether the Gothic John Ryland Library or the medieval Manchester Cathedral, the rich history of Great Britain is abundantly represented in Manchester and the surrounding area. Outside the city, visitors can explore the majestic, historic mansion Tatton Park with a 400 hectare garden.

Fun activities and shopping

There are plenty of fascinating activities for the whole family in Manchester. Children can swim at the Hyde Leisure Pool. The facility includes mesmerizing water slides, wave machines and water rapids. There are many interior shops which offer excellent home decoration items. Some of these shops exhibit their products in various Manchester 5 star hotels.

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