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Hotels Italian Riviera

All the impeccable pleasures of Italian coast are combined and concentrated in the beautiful region of Italian Riviera – from the edge of Azure Coast of France in the west, and up to the warm shores of Adriatic Sea in the east. It is an area generously marked with many beautiful Riviera hotels, some of which have been selected by Escapio for your most special vacation. Sandy beaches, an abundance of spa resorts and fabulous countryside surrounding the cities – a perfect setting to start your exciting holiday. In addition, there are historic spots of Genova, Rimini and Ravenna, craving for exploration and full of discoveries to be made. Not unlike French Riviera, this region of Italy delivers some truly memorable experience; a classy vacation at some of the finest resort areas, spiced up with sightseeing, body nourishment, swimming and sunbathing – this is what a perfect stay should be like!